About Us

Laura™ is an innovation developed by Dr. Kinan Salloum. This innovation was born out of an idea that he had back in 2018. Like many of the greatest innovations in history, this idea was developed from a desire to solve a problem that he, and many others, experienced. His goal was to provide a solution to a persistent problem in airports, sparked by an incident during one of his travels.

About the Founder

Dr. Kinan Salloum started his career as a dentist. After completing a degree in dentistry, he pursued a career as a dental professional, specifically practicing as an orthodontist specialist. He has several years of experience in his practice as an orthodontist.

In fact, he helped develop a wide range of dental inventions including a tooth extraction robot. In addition, he also invented a new screw that is used for dental implant procedures. This screw is a novel concept that was introduced to increase the primary stability of dental implants once fitted to the patient. Dr. Kinan Salloum has had great success with its use and it is fast becoming the new standard for dental implant procedures.

He is inclined to develop new products using the latest technology to improve customer experience and help dentists provide a more efficient service to their clients. In doing so, he is a recipient of many awards and certificates for his work and inventions. Notably, one of his inventions was featured in the Inventor’s Digest magazine in 2011.

While still practicing as an orthodontist, Dr. Kinan Salloum pursued another project as he is fueled by the need to innovate and create. He was driven by the desire to develop a product known for its novelty. He wanted to build a prototype that would later be upgraded into something that is innovative and would provide a solution to a prevailing problem in society.

The concept for this novel product came at the most unexpected time and place – when he was on a flight back home from Brazil. And as they say, the rest is history.

How was the concept for Laura™ developed?

While catching a flight from Brazil, Dr. Kinan Salloum found himself in a situation that millions of other passengers experience every year – he couldn’t track his luggage! He waited and waited for his luggage, worried sick that he’d lost it.

That was when the idea struck him – an improved luggage tracking system in the airport can save passengers a huge amount of stress. Airport travel in itself is already stressful; adding the worry that comes with the possibility of losing your luggage is not helpful.

As he was standing at baggage reclaim waiting for his luggage to arrive, without any assurance of if or when that would happen, the idea came to him. He wanted to develop a luggage tracking system using RFID in order to protect passengers from loss and to help airlines and airports better serve their passengers.

This basic concept passed through several processes of prototype design and evaluation. Dr. Kinan Salloum had many hurdles along the way in his effort to transform this idea into an efficient automated luggage tracking system. It was a simple concept – to develop a tracking system that would update you with where your luggage is and notify you of any mishandling. The concept underwent several developments and testing to ensure that it works!

Two years later, the concept has finally come into fruition. Many years of hard work has resulted in a one-of-a-kind product – Laura™ or the
Luggage Attending Universal RFID App.

Dr. Kinan Salloum believes that simple and affordable solutions are the best. It is his vision to make travelling fun and stress-free.

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