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Are you looking for more information on how to implement the Luggage Attending Universal RFID App – Laura™?
This page includes some of our frequently asked questions and the information you need to know.

Who is Laura™ for?

Laura™ is a baggage handling system that uses RFID tags; it is developed for airports and airlines to help better serve their passengers. Luggage handling is an integral part of a passenger’s travel experience. If an airline or airport can adopt this tracking system, it will improve their customer experience, too. As a bonus, airlines and airports can save billions of dollars every year by reducing the resources spent on tracking and recovering lost or mishandled baggage.

What is an RFID tag?

An RFID tag is responsible for transmitting data about an item via radio waves to an antenna/reader combination. It activates a chip upon use that contains personal information which is transmitted back to a reader. This is a common form of technology used by many airport luggage tracking systems to make it easier to match luggage with its owner. Hence, Laura™ also utilizes this same form of technology for this purpose.

What information can be stored on the RFID tag?

The information saved on the RFID tag will be a unique serial number. This serial number will correspond to a traveller’s personal information and the number of bags they checked in at the departure airport.

How does the product work?

Laura™ is an easy-to-use system made for tracking luggage at the airport. It is a system composed of hardware and software, including a special RFID reader and the corresponding tags.

Upon check-in, the passenger information is registered in the system along with their corresponding luggage. This information is shared to an online server that will be used by the destination airport for tracking luggage in the event of lost or stolen luggage. Upon arrival at the destination airport, the passenger will be able to claim their registered luggage.

Upon leaving the destination airport, a special RFID reader is mounted at the exit gate. This RFID reader is solely responsible for detecting if the luggage a passenger is carrying is the same one registered under their name. Passengers will also be notified if they do not have possession of all the bags registered to them. The system is able to detect the exact same bags that are registered to any given passenger so you can prevent lost or forgotten luggage (or prevent taking other people’s luggage by mistake).

What happens if I lose my luggage?

If you lost your luggage, the system will not let you exit the airport unless you have all the bags with you.

Is this product exclusively used for travelling?

Laura™ is designed primarily for use in airports to track luggage and mitigate the risk of loss or mishandling. However, this product can also be used in many other places where attendance is needed. It is primarily a security system for airlines and airports.

What makes Laura™ unique from other luggage tracking systems and apps?

Most existing luggage tracking systems and apps on the market are able to tell you if all luggage made it onto the same flight as the corresponding passengers. Laura™ is unique as an RFID reader because it is the only system that can track and control luggage upon leaving the airport.