How It Works

The Technology Making Luggage Tracking More Efficient & Hassle-Free

Laura™ – Luggage Attending Universal RFID App

is an ingenious invention designed to make passengers’ lives easier when it comes to handling and managing their luggage at the airport.
How does our efficient luggage tracking system achieve this?

This is a detailed guide explaining how the system works and how your passengers can benefit from it by implementing it within your airport:

How Laura Luggage Tracking System Works

Step 1:

The passenger checks in their luggage at the check-in counter in the airport.

Step 2:

Each luggage will be registered in the system upon check-in. The passenger will receive a tag that corresponds to that luggage that they deposited.

The tag contains information that is saved into an online server for security and easy tracking later (if needed). The information stored will be available at the passenger’s destination airport.

Step 3:

Upon check-in, the luggage goes through the carousel and into a tunnel to be deposited into the plane. The passenger, along with their checked-in luggage, will travel to the destination airport.

Step 4:

Upon arrival at the destination airport, the passenger will proceed to the reclaim area of the luggage.

Step 5:

  • The passenger takes a luggage that does not belong to him or her
  • The passenger forgets one or more of his/her luggage/s
  • The passenger commits both of the above

It will automatically send an alert to the system. The system is designed to identify which luggage and how many belong to the same passenger. The automated tracking system is able to identify if there are any inconsistencies with what is stored in the system upon check-in of said luggage.

Do you have more questions about Laura?
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