Why Choose Laura™?

Imagine this: You’re about to embark on a vacation that you have planned for months

As you stand in the baggage reclaim area, you spend several minutes waiting for your luggage that never arrives. This is a frustrating and nerve-racking situation that spoils your vacation right then and there. Regardless of how your luggage was incompetently mishandled or misplaced, lost luggage adds an awful lot of stress to your travel experience.

This scenario is something you’ve probably heard of many times before. The last thing you would expect is for the same thing to happen to you… but it can and it will.

This is why we developed Laura™ – an automated luggage tracking system using RFID. This invention, which stands for Luggage Attending Universal RFID App, uses technology to improve the precision and accuracy of the overall tracking process for luggage at airports.

Based on a simple concept, Laura™ is designed to provide a hassle-free way of keeping an eye on your luggage. Since the conventional method of luggage tracking employed in airports is time-consuming and lacks accuracy, these are two of the main points addressed in this RFID luggage tracking solution.

Product Highlights

The following are the highlights of Laura™ – Luggage Attending Universal RFID App:

It stores information for each piece of luggage upon check-in. This information corresponds with passengers to ensure that they are handling the right luggage upon arrival at the destination airport.

It simplifies the method of identifying if a passenger has the correct luggage or if someone else has taken possession of their luggage.

It stores information for each piece of luggage on the RFID tag, making it easier to trace lost or misplaced luggage.

The luggage is coordinated with the destination airport, so the passenger can rest assured that their luggage will be waiting for them upon arrival.

Benefits of Using Laura™

The features and capabilities of Laura™ were developed with the needs of airport passengers in mind. Every feature and function is carefully considered to ensure that any of the possible causes and consequences of mishandled luggage can be mitigated. As such, we take great pride in the benefits that you can enjoy when you adopt the Laura™ system into your airport or airline services.

Below are some of the top benefits your passengers can enjoy:

  • Passengers’ luggage arrives on time with a reduced likelihood of being mishandled
  • Passengers can benefit from efficient loading of the airplane for an on-time departure
  • Passengers can feel confident in knowing that their personal property is safe
  • Passengers can enjoy shorter connection times with our efficient luggage system
  • Passengers do not have to worry about luggage theft

The implementation of Laura™ to replace conventional baggage handling systems can also bring benefits to the airports and airlines:

  • Facilitate faster connection times and on-time departures with reduced luggage issues.
  • Boost baggage processing efficiency.
  • Reduce operating costs by reducing employee time needed to track down lost luggage.
  • Provide a comprehensive audit of luggage inventory, among other improvements in baggage handling procedures.
  • Enjoy a cost-effective yet safe method for handling luggage.
  • Provide maximum customer satisfaction with improved accuracy and reliability in baggage handling.
  • Scale their infrastructure to accommodate projected growth in passengers in the foreseeable future, without compromising on the quality of service provided.
  • Improve their brand positioning with the improved public perception of safety, efficiency, and reliability.

If you need more information, check out How Laura™ Works or our FAQs page as we may have the answers to your questions.
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